About Me

I am often asked by those about to buy or sell a home what they should look for in selecting a real estate agent or, more specifically, WHY ME? The potential choices are huge. By a recent count there are over 300,000 licensed real estate brokers or agents active in the State of California. That's about one broker or agent for every 130 residents in the State.
So what should you look for in selecting your broker or agent? Should you look for someone who specializes in the specific area in which your home is or where you want it to be located? Should you look for an agent with the most listings or the highest sales volume? Or should you look for someone who will focus on doing the best job for YOU, has a reputation of getting the job done and leaving you well satisfied with the experience and its results?
If the latter is who are you looking for, then I am the agent for you. I don't specialize in one location. My area of representation, developed over 30 years as a Licensed Broker and through my present association with both the Beverly Hills and the Venice/Marina del Rey Offices of RE/MAX Estate Properties, is "From Beverly Hills to the Beach and Beyond." And if "Beyond" is outside of my geographical scope, RE/MAX has about 7,000 offices in over 100 countries with someone ready to assist me in serving YOU. I intentionally limit the number of clients that I serve at any one time so that I can give you my personal attention, be there when you need me and keep you up-to-date on what is happening in a timely manner. Every deal involves some degree of negotiation. I pride myself in my negotiation skills. In fact, I am a Certified Negotiation Expert (CNE®). Not all Brokers/Agents can make this claim.
Bottom line, I believe I can give you the best of all worlds:
Call me, I am here for you.